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Fun + Age Appropriate + Educational
computers for school-age kids

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Tanoshi’s mission is to create fun + safe + educational products that kids love to use. Our products have built-in features that allow an adult to supervise a child’s device activities, providing peace of mind for busy parents.

Tanoshi computers are…


Tanoshi is all about having fun! Every product includes an HD touchscreen, dual stereo speakers and access to millions of Google Play Store apps for endless hours of entertainment.

Age Appropriate

Tanoshi products are designed for children under 13. From their mobile device, parents can manage child device settings, set hours for use and can approve which apps their children can download.


Blended learning at both school + home is the future of education. It allows students to have more control over the time, pace, and place at which they learn. Tanoshi products come pre-loaded with educational apps!

“In this generation, it is important to start a child early in learning computer skills. I highly recommend Tanoshi Kids Computers”
Steven Lee, CEO of WhizKidz Computer Center

“Tanoshi is the perfect kid safe PC for developing computer skills beyond the classroom”
Kim, Elementary School Teacher & mother of 3

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We believe reliable computer access should be readily available for every child. Submit your name to learn more about how we’re helping to bridge the gap between children who own their own computers vs. those with just the dream. Also, be the first to know about contests, giveaways, and so much more!